The Blog has Begun!


My name is Ally and I am a control engineer working in Operations in the chemical industry.

Encouraging girls to consider engineering as their choice of career is a cause I hold close to me, and I have huge respect and admiration for the scores of engineers out there both male and female who make it their mission to do so.

However, there is another challenge that holds the key to the mass conversion of young people to engineering, and it goes deeper than the widely held misconception that it involves lots of physical labour. Engineering is diverse. You have the various disciplines: mechanical, electrical, systems and chemical etc. but each discipline has different meanings depending on which sector of industry you work in. Take mechanical engineering for example: the work of a mechanical engineer who models air flow around an aircraft wing is vastly different to one who strives of improve the efficiency of a manufacturing plant.

I believe engineering is a victim of its own diversity. Without clarity and awareness of the various types of jobs within the disciplines, people must take a leap of faith when they make the choice to become an engineer. Not everyone will be prepared to take that leap.

I will be drawing on my experiences of industry to shed some light some lesser known areas of industry with the goal of helping people match specific types of  jobs with their own skills and strengths. For the latest updates on this blog and other bits of information, please follow me on twitter, @AllyTheEngineer.

Thanks for reading!